Full Spectrum Sour Diesel by Terpeny

You have natural terpenes and you have full spectrum terpenes by terpeny. The great difference of their tinctures lays in the complexity and structure of their products. Nowadays, a lot of natural terpenes are available on the market, but while this mass products is most of the time created out of only a few terpenes (between 10 and 20), Terpeny takes it to a whole new level… Unlike most of the producers who have a big offer of terpenes containing very little components, Terpeny has only 7 flavors containing over 100 components…

Taste for yourself and be amazed with the difference of Terpeny…

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World renowned, top class cannabis strain, Sour Diesel, has a lineage of uncertain origins, but yet profound imprint on cannabis culture. Resinous flowers are rich with massive levels of THC, Linalool, and Limonene. Cerebral stimulation, focus, and energizing effects of euphoria are common to Sour Diesel cannabis. Pungent, dank, and sweet with citrus flavors, Sour Diesel flowers exhibit a floral essence of brilliant piney wood fruitiness. .

How do I use terpenes?

The most important thing to know about using terpenes is they are extremely concentrated and thus require only small amounts to create big results. Adding too many terpenes to your product may create an overpowering experience that is unpleasant and potentially a health hazard. Terpeny’s highly concentrated terpenes are strong, and each one comes with its own potential health hazard, so it’s very important to read and follow our dilution and usage directions. Terpenes must always be handled with care.

How can I dilute terpenes?

There are a handful of useful oils that can be used to dilute terpenes. The most common of these include Wax Liquidizer,  coconut oil (MCT) or PG/VG o. Applying low amounts of heat will aid in the homogenization process. Diluting terpenes is very important, these chemicals are extremely potent and should never be consumed in their concentrated forms. Use between 1 to 5 % (max!) of terpenes in your e-liquid or other diluents you want to use.


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